Pre-Purchase Inspections

TRC will provide valuable insight through a comprehensive visual evaluation of a structure’s condition, systems and components. Our licensed team utilizes state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to provide an unbiased assessment of the condition of a property.

A full-service inspection will include a report stating the current condition of the property, a review of the original design drawings to ensure your structure meets current codes and standards, as well as recommended repairs and an estimation of the repair/ replacement costs.

Inspection areas:

  • Concrete structure
  • Balconies / catwalks / decks
  • Drainage and water issues
  • Waterproofing – roofs, decks, balconies, building envelope
  • Parking structures
  • Pool and pool decks
  • Seawalls / retaining walls
  • Roof systems
  • Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU)
  • Stucco – evaluation
  • High-Rise special considerations, mid-rise facades
  • Ramps, bridges, other concrete structures
  • Windows, doors, railings
  • HVAC system – rooftop