Drone Surveys

TRC uses the latest advances in unmanned, aerial imaging equipment to perform a diverse range of high-quality photography and thermal imaging services for diagnostics, moisture mapping, commercial roof studies and building envelope condition studies.

The benefits of drone surveys are extensive. They provide:

  • Spectacular views and solutions for examining structures from a perspective which has not previously been visible from the ground in a safe and cost-effective manner.

  • Exterior visual inspections of high-rise structures, eliminating the need for costly scaffold or high-reaching equipment.

  • Graphic imaging of suspected moisture damage on building roof tops and exteriors walls.

  • Thermal imaging used to identify issues in concrete masonry units and un-filled cells.

  • Current condition views for building re-certifications.

  • Boundary mapping of structures via GPS points with transfer to 3-D imaging on plans.

  • Time-lapse coverage of construction projects from unique visual advantage points.

  • Pre-storm documentation of current conditions.